Our Values

  • The power of prayer is our strength
  • Keep our eyes fixed on Jesus the Good Shepherd from whom we learn His compassion and universal love for Humanity
  • The wisdom that comes from the cross of Christ has the power to transform our wounded world
  • Jesus in the Eucharist is the centre of our life

Our Mission

  • To offer a sacred quiet space in the centre of West London open to all
  • To live a new style of community with young women, who are open to the experience of our Spirituality and Mission
  • To integrate lay people in our mission by meditating the Word of God in community and reaching out to the fringes of society in the charism of St. Daniel Comboni

Our Leaders

Sr. Graça
Sr. GraçaComboni Sister
Sister Graça leads the youth groups
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Sr. Natalia
Sr. NataliaComboni Sister
Sr. Natalia runs the Cenacle Missionary Prayer Group
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